Greatness is for Everyone

Is it passion that unites us? Energy? tradition? Or is it something deeper? Behind all of it, even rivalry, is community. It is community that sets the stage for us to witness greatness and dream about the future. In Peoria, greatness is for Everyone.

These are the lights and sounds of a city on the rise. It's past, though bright, pales to its future. Passion flows through its people - bringing life, energy and growth. It is a place where competition and community exist side-by side and everyone can find their place. Fun, greatness, opportunity and expression have a home here.

This is a four part video series done for the Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

It is said it takes 10,000 hour to master anything, but what if mastery isn't the only goal? Art is the language of the soul. It stirs our heart and captivates our spirit. So we share, experience and immerse ourselves in it. Expression isn't the territory of the few and the gifted. In Peoria, expression is for everyone.

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